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SBU deactivates mine of Russian production in ATO area

The SBU deactivated a mine of Russian production in the ATO area.

The antipersonnel fragmentation mine POM-2 ‘Otek’ was revealed near Lopaskine city in Luhansk region near the delimitation line. POM-2 is a military lethal weapon of Russian production and is not in the field of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The mine was armed and was destroyed in place.

In addition, in a half-destroyed technical building in Baranivka village of Donetsk region the law enforcers seized from a cache 2 MON-50 antipersonnel mines and a 200 g TNT block. According to the intelligence, these destruction means had to be used by terrorists to conduct sabotage activity against the ATO forces.

Investigative actions are under way.

Please be reminded that recently the SBU officers revealed mines of Russian production in the ATO area.


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