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14:54, 21 june 2018
The SBU Program “Waiting for You at Home” helped another three ex-militants of the terrorist organization “DNR” to return to peaceful life.
10:48, 08 november 2017
SBU officials detected in Siieverodonetsk two subversives, which by the order of Russian curators planned to commit terrorist acts in the city.
09:58, 26 october 2016
The representatives of the SUN OIL fuel stations network passed to the officers of the SBU “A” Special Operations Center a powerful off-road vehicle to use in harsh environment in the ATO area.
10:33, 02 september 2016
Officials of the SBU National Academy, who had recently returned from the ATO area, gave lessons of courage in native schools of officers of the Ukrainian special service, who heroically perished in the east of our country.
12:52, 08 june 2016
The representatives of the pro-Ukrainian social and political organizations, volunteer’s groups and militaries took part in this event in Marinka and Krasnohorivka.
14:55, 03 june 2016
The SBU held a number of information and patriotic actions on the occasion of the International Day for Protection of Children in the ATO area.
16:49, 30 may 2016
The law enforcers under the auspices of the Head of Lviv Regional Council and Novoaidar District State Administration organized correspondence between the pupils of a boarding school in the town of Shchastia and their contemporaries from the schools of Lviv. On the occasion of the Last Bell holiday the pupils together with volunteer organizations of Lviv sent toys, books and “vyshyvanki” to their new friends. The children of the boarding school organized a flash mob called “Vyshyvanka is the symbol of Ukraine’s soul!”
00:47, 23 march 2016
The SBU officer of the Cherkasy Regional Office Volodymyr Blud held the European Championship belt on Kyokushin Karate martial arts in Turkey.

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