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Officials of SBU National Academy give lessons of courage in schools

Officials of the SBU National Academy, who had recently returned from the ATO area, gave lessons of courage in native schools of officers of the Ukrainian special service, who heroically perished in the east of our country.   

In Kyiv region the officials visited three educational establishments where they together with pupils and teachers reviewed the life of Ruslan Luzhevskyi, Volodymyr Shkira and Mark Shpak – the SBU officers, who gave blood for the independence of Ukraine. Relatives of the fallen officers also participated in the meetings. They told about school time of the Heroes, their aspiration for defense of the Motherland.

During conversation with pupils, the Academy officials emphasized the moral duty to remember the deed of the fallen officers due to which we understand the value of our peace and independence.

In the village of Voloshynivka representatives of the Academy together with Mykhailo Hryhorovych, father of Ruslan Luzhevskyi, visited the cemetery of the Hero, who would be 41 on August 31.

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