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SBU archive presents collection of documents “Great Terror” in Ukraine: German Operation of 1937-1938”

Taras Shevchenko Kyiv University welcomed the presentation of the documents collection “Great Terror” in Ukraine. German operation of  1937-1938”. The publication became a result of decades-long cooperation between the SBU Sectoral state archive and the Institute of Culture and History of the Germans of Northeast Europe at the University of Hamburg.

The collection contains declassified archival documents highlight the conduction of violent operation by Bolshevik regime aimed to destroy the German population in the territory of Soviet Ukraine. These actions were carried out in accordance with direct Moscow orders as well as similar operations of the “Great terror”. The Ukrainian Germans who tried to keep their national identity were considered by the Soviet regime as spies and were subject to repressions.

The presented archival documents of the eighty years antiquity represent all Kremlin decisions and allow to compare with the present realities, when in Ukrainian territory is held hybrid war controlled by Russia.

This collection will be interesting for the researchers of the Soviet-German relations of the interwar period, scientists engaged in the development of the Soviet national policy and the “Great Terror” theme.

Next year is planned to publish the German version of the collection.

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