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15:23, 15 august 2018
The ceremonials took place in the Dovzhik village of the Zolochiv region where the personnel of Judicial Institute at SBU Yaroslav Mudryi National law University jointly with volunteers and public activists have been working for several years to establish and immortalize the names of heroes who gave their lives defending their Motherland.
14:14, 06 march 2018
The solemn meeting on the occasion of the 20th anniversary graduation of the lawyers-officers for the SBU was held in the assembly hall of Yaroslav the Wise National Law University. This year 92 graduates have joined the ranks of the SBU and 59 have received diplomas with distinction.
17:02, 01 november 2017
Team of the Juridical personnel training institute achieves a victory in IV All-Ukrainian competition on investigative actions
15:27, 01 november 2017
The regular meeting of the standing research and practice seminar “Pre-trial investigation: topical issues and ways of their solution” was held in the Juridical Personnel Training Institute for SBU n.a. Yaroslav the Wise National Law Academy.
12:26, 26 september 2017
The thematic lecture with the Head of Kharkiv regional committee of International Ukrainian union of veterans colonel Petro Koniushenko took place in the scientific and library complex of Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.
14:50, 28 august 2017
On August 23, 2017, the formal raise of the National Flag of Ukraine was held in the Institute. The Head of the educational institution colonel Skubak Viktor Viktorovych handed the successive grades of military rank to the noncommissioned officers engaged in basic military training of newcomers in 2017.
14:34, 27 june 2017
The round table in honor of memory of Ukrainian people defenders, imbuing of patriotism, national self-consciousness, respect to heroic past of the older generation housed by the Scientific and library complex of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University took place on June 21. In the event also took place veterans of the World War II Petro Koniushenko and Volodymyr Burnykh, academic stuff and cadets of the juridical personnel training Institute for the SBU.
17:52, 31 may 2017
The seminar of officials of the SBU legislative structures with the participation of the SBU legal provision Department took place in the juridical personnel training Institute for the SBU. The participants of event discussed practicalities of the SBU operational and service activities legal provision. Much prominence at the seminar was given to experience concerning presenting interests in courts, the SBU actual legislative initiatives, contract work and events, conducting by the SBU in connection with the ATO, etc.
10:58, 20 may 2017
The regional round table “topical issues of ensuring service and combat activity of law-enforcement bodies and military formations” have been taking place in the juridical personnel training Institute for the SBU.
14:57, 11 may 2017
The cadets and teachers of the Juridical Personnel Training Institute for the Security Service of Ukraine honored the feat of the winners over Nazism in the World War II, liberators of Ukraine and the participants of Ukrainian liberation movement.

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