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The SBU prevents acts of terror in France during Euro 2016 (video)

The Security Service of Ukraine detected a terrorist group planning a series of acts of terror in France on the eve of and during the Euro 2016 Football Championship.

A French citizen who was trying to make contacts with Ukrainian servicemen under cover of volunteer support during his stay in the east of Ukraine came into the view of counterintelligence officers last year in December.

The Frenchman spoke negatively about his government’s actions considering mass emigration of foreigners to France, the spread of Islam and globalization. He also talked about his desire to carry out a series of acts of terror as a token of protest.

The terrorist came back to the territory of Ukraine in April 2016 and tested weapons and explosives under the control of the SBU.

As a result of a special operation of the SBU, the Frenchman got on his request 5 Kalashnikov assault rifles with 1080 cartridges for each rifle, 2 rocket launchers RPG-7, 125 kilos of TNT, 100 electric fuses and 20 balaklavas.

The offender with his associates planned to use weapons and explosives for the contemporary blasting of bridges and autobahns infrastructure in different regions of France. His intended targets included Jewish and Muslim places of worship and buildings involved into the EC-2016. French government administration buildings, including those dealing with tax collection were also a target.    

The terrorist also tried to find individuals which will be able to smuggle destruction means through the Ukrainian border for 3000 euro consideration. After the bad try to find such individuals he decided to do it himself.

The SBU officials jointly with the border guard agents late May detained a French citizen in the “Yahodyn-auto” border checkpoint at the attempt to smuggle the weapons and explosives through the state border.        

The offender was notified on the suspicion under the articles 201 (smuggling), 258 (act of terrorism), 263 (unlawful handling of weapons) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

The investigative activities are under way.

The SBU jointly with the European partners will be working closely to ensure the football championship would be peaceful and without provocations. Here we use the holding mechanisms of Euro-2012, which in due time took place peacefully owing to effective interdepartmental interaction both in and out doors.

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