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SBU prevents Russian secret services from conducting “silent federalization” in Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine in Kharkiv Region together with the prosecutor’s office thwarted another attempt of the Russian secret services to destabilize socio-political situation in our state following the Kremlin scenario of the so-called “silent federalization” and to continue implementation of “Novorossia” project.

The SBU officers received information that representatives of the Communist party banned in the country, including ex-People’s Deputy Alla Aleksandrovska and her son Oleksandr, who is hiding in Russia, were trying to corrupt leaders and local councils’ deputies in order for them to vote at the session for addresses to the parliament and the President concerning changes to the Constitution on the federalization issue.

Communists offered 9 thousand USD for the sign on that document. At the same time, according to the intelligence data, FSB allocated a lot more money with this aim, but large part of it was just misappropriated by the communists.

By the plan of political saboteurs such “law making initiatives”, bought in that way, would have provided grounds to Putin to speculate in the media that Ukrainian government ignores the will of the nation that is allegedly longing for federalization and providing certain regions with extra authority, in particular by creation of the so-called “free economic zones”, including Slobozhanschyna region.

Before the beginning of the special session, on 24 June the SBU officers caught the intermediary of the communist family red-handed while he was giving a bribe to an official for voting for federalization.

Then the deputies upon request of the SBU officers imitated accepting a question of address on the federalization issue to the agenda of the session. These actions allowed to gather necessary evidenced about other accomplices to the operation of the Russian secret services.

The investigators established that after unsuccessful attempt to vote for the address Oleksandr Aleksandrovskyi was trying to fool his Russian handlers. He informed them about successful accomplishment of the task, having ordered fake media news in one of the internet-resources.

It’s not the first attempt of the criminals to finance law-making initiatives in Kharkiv Region. At the end of April they tried to make positive voting for accepting of analogous addresses on Vovchansk and Zmiivka municipal councils’ sessions.

The mentioned project of the Russian secret services was initiated after an attempt to create a special region Slobozhanschyna upon an official initiative of the Communist party was thwarted by the Security Service.

As a result of the special operation the law enforcers arrested all known active members of the criminal group. In particular, ex-MP Alla Aleksandrovska was detained under article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, and the issue of her arrest is currently being settled. Her son Oleksandr, who is hiding in Russia, was notified of suspicion and put on the wanted list.

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