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SBU apprehends member of terrorist sabotage group in Luhansk region

The SBU together with the Police apprehended a member of sabotage group of DNR/LNR terrorist organization in Luhansk region near the confrontation line.

The saboteur wanted to intrude into the territory controlled by the ATO forces to conduct intelligence activity. During the apprehension he tried to resist the law enforcers and use arms. The clash resulted in apprehension of the militant who appeared to be a former “Chief of Staff of Military Commandant’s Office”.

The career of the 25-year old “commandant” started in 2014 when he took part in military actions near Stanytsia Luhanska. The “Commandant’s Office” headed by him got bad name among Luhansk residents because patriotic citizens including local journalists were forcedly kept and tortured there and were taken to forced labor.

The terrorist was notified of suspicion under Part 1 Article 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Custody as a measure of restraint was chosen for him.

The investigation establishes the involvement of the militant into committing other crimes against Ukrainian servicemen and civilians.

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