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Vasyl Hrytsak: we are seeking to establish balanced special service of a new model (video)

Vasyl Hrytsak mentioned this at the opening of the All-Ukrainian workshop conference: “The role and place of national special service in the history of Ukrainian state building”, taking place in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

“Nobody is confident of our intentions to establish balanced service of a new model, effectively operating in the territory of Ukraine, and its operation would be harmonized with the work of European special services”, - Vasyl Hrytsak mentioned.

The security bodies are the mandatory attribute of any sovereign state and ignoring or misjudgment of their role may cause disastrous effects – internal disorders, loss of independence and territorial integrity. “A real special service – this is the immune system of the state, preventing to destabilize the country from inside to foreign enemies”, - the SBU Head underlined.

In his speech the SBU Head has pointed up importance of keeping the memory on the activities of Ukrainian special services in different periods. “I think it’s symbolic that our workshop is conducting just before the 25-th anniversary of the SBU establishment. Development, victories and bitter losses of the special service of independent Ukraine go hand in hand with the process of Ukrainian state building”, - Vasyl Hrytsak stressed.

The round table put together representatives of state bodies of nine higher institutions and four scientific establishments. In particular, its participants are the representatives of the National Institute of Strategic Researches, NATO LO in Ukraine, and EU Consultative mission on civil security sector reforming.

The participants of the scientific forum have discussed the issues of the history of establishment and development of Ukrainian special service, criteria of its activities efficiency assessment, conducting of civil control over the SBU and public relations.

The Service Head noted enormous influence of public to the transformation of the SBU in a modern and active special service. “The SBU modern history is writing not in silence of offices, but in the line of undeclared war, initiating by Russia against us”, - stressed Vasyl Hrytsak. That’s why public and state support today is of priority for the SBU officials.

In accordance with the results of discussions at the round table the recommendations will be adopted, directing to the transformation of the Service to more transparent body with taking into account and the usage of the NATO and the EU countries experience.     

The SBU Head expressed confidence that the groundwork of representative forum will support development of Ukrainian special service and will open new page of its history.

Over 130 participants were registered for the participation in the workshop, among them the representatives of the law-enforcement bodies, the state bodies and the elite of Ukrainian science: academicians, professors and lecturers.

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