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Hrytsak: transformation of SBU into dynamic special service of European model is one of its key tasks (video)

Transformation of the SBU into dynamic special service of European model is one of its the most important tasks. The SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak pointed this up in due course of joint briefing with the acting Head of EU Advisory mission. The event was dedicated to the presentation of first printing SBU report under European principles, published with the technical support of the EU Advisory mission on sector of civil security reforming.

“It’s not a simple task to counteract aggressor and at the same time to conduct reforms, but we will do our best for the security of Ukrainian people, economic and social development of our state”, - Vasyl Hrytsak underlined.

He also extended thanks to the EU Advisory mission experts for assistance in preparing of approach papers. “It’s necessary to notice a great work, done in the frameworks of permanent International advisory group on the SBU reforming. The project of the SBU Conception of reforming was prepared in the result of our joint work”, - the special service head mentioned.

Being presenting the SBU first printing public report under European principles, Vasyl Hrytsak noticed that this is a unique edition. “This is our first attempt to tell at a time about the SBU last advances and in what way it faces with 25-th anniversary against fundamental changes in the security environment of Ukraine and planet”, - he stressed.


SBU intended to make edition available not just for sophisticated reader, but and for ordinary citizen. “In order it will be interesting for you to know more about activities and tasks of our Service, we tried to make this text the easiest for perception, and special terms and notions – simpler and more understandable”, - Hrytsak mentioned.

The principle of special service activities doesn’t let us to make public all information on our progress. In many cases the society even can’t imagine that detection and termination of destructive actions of concrete individuals – is the only beginning of long-lasting operations of strategic meaning for the state. The Service is also responsible for the fate of individuals, knowingly risk their lives, executing operational tasks in the interests of the national security of Ukraine.

At the same time, according to the SBU Head, the Service realizes that in the conditions of modern informational society it’s impossible to keep information fully classified and that public has to know how effectively the Service executes its mission, what is it contribution to the maintenance of national security of the state.

Vasyl Hrytsak also expressed confidence that it would be possible to develop effective decisions in the sphere of guaranteeing national security only with joint efforts.

In her turn the acting Head of the EU Advisory mission congratulated the SBU officials with the SBU 25-th anniversary and noticed that basic task of the SBU reforming is to provide Service with instruments and mechanisms of guaranteeing citizens security.

“The public report, prepared under European principles, - is a good example of the SBU cooperation with the EU Advisory mission”, - she underlined, while adding, that it’s very important for the citizens to receive information on the Service activities for ensuring of their security. “This is also a good example of transparency and openness for other Ukrainian institutions”, - she said.

Besides, the EU Advisory mission Head positively marked usage of European practice in observation of legislation and human rights in due course of the SBU activities.      

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