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SBU detains group of dealers of arms, removing from the ATO area

SBU officials jointly with the prosecutor’s office detained a group of arms dealers, selling arms and ammunitions removed from the ATO area in several regions of Ukraine.

The SBU Office in Odessa region officials detained one of the group members in due course of selling Kalashnikov gun with rounds. During conjoined searches in the offenders’ residences in Odessa, Khmelnytskii and Chernivtsi the law-enforcers detected lots and lots of arms and ammunitions, stealing from military arsenals. The special service officials seized Kalashnikov gun, three Mosin riffles, two RPG-18 anti-tank rockets, RAK autopistol, the riffle with “MMG VM” marking, the riffle of 32 caliber, two Makarov guns and two TT guns, Fort-12 M silenced pistol and “PM-63 RAK” machine pistol.

The dealers also kept ten VOG-25 grenades for riffle-attached grenade launcher, RGD-5 grenade and two RGO grenades, several TNT blocks, four signal mines and almost five thousand of different caliber rounds, etc. The law-enforcers seized equipment for manufacturing of live rounds from the residence of one of the offenders.

The criminal proceeding under Article 263-1 and Article 263 of the Criminal code of Ukraine was initiated. Five detainees, including the group organizer, were notified of suspicion in crime commitment.

The urgent investigations are under way.       

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