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SBU detects Ukrainian Internet-provider in illegal traffic routing to Crimea in favor of Russian special services (video)

SBU officials jointly with the Prosecutor’s Office of the AR of Crimea detected in Kyiv mechanism of illegal traffic routing by one of Internet-providers to temporarily annexed peninsula in favor of Russian special services.

As required by law, the law-enforcers documented that owners passed provider’s network segment and telecommunications equipment to sham commercial entity, under the RF FSB control, which established personal technical special devices in mentioned telecommunications equipment. In spite of this, owners of Ukrainian provider continued traffic routing to access point in Simferopil.

According to special service, the RF FSB planned, via illegal traffic routing to annexed Crimea, to receive access and take off data from Ukrainian segment of provider’s network. In particular, state institutions, international organizations, large financial institutions are among clients of “Wnet Ukraine” ltd. in Ukraine.

The SBU officials also established that the RF FSB in the Crimea, the RF Voentelecom and pseudo-state telecommunications agencies received Internet services by means of traffic, received from Ukrainian provider through trunk channel.

During investigations in the office of provider the special service officials seized telecommunications equipment and documentation, confirming illegal traffic routing to temporarily occupied territories of the AR of Crimea and the RF FSB control over its distribution. The law-enforcers also established that the management of company hasn’t lock for users the access to sanctions Russian Internet-resources and services by the order of Russian supervisors.

The pretrial investigation in the frameworks of initiated criminal proceeding under p.3 Article 110-2 of the CC of Ukraine (financing of actions, committing with the aim of forcible change or overthrowing of constitutional order or capturing of state power, change of territorial boundaries or state border of Ukraine) is in process.              

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