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SBU prevents a provocation prepared by Russian secret services in Lviv

The SBU documented and prevented yet another Russia-orchestrated fake provocation aimed at destabilizing the situation in Ukraine.

On September 6, Russia planned to carry out so-called "Meeting of ATO combatants' mothers" in Lviv. During the meeting it was planned to criticize the state policy, primarily in the East of Ukraine, and to call for the end of anti-terrorist operation on any terms.

An organizer of the event, a citizen of Volyn region, a leader of "The Russian Cultural Centre", used Russian cash to hire members of the public as participants of the provocation.

The SBU officers documented the hire (as extras) of around 100 retirees and students, who had to imitate relatives of ATO participants, being paid UAH 400 ($16) by organizers. There were no members of the family of ATO participants among protesters.

The SBU informs that yet another attempt to create the «fake picture» of dissatisfaction with Ukrainian government for Russian mass media was unsuccessful.

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