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SBU completed pre-trial investigation regarding 132 "officials" of the so-called DNR / LNR

The investigators of the SBU Offices in Luhansk and Donetsk regions completed the pre-trial investigation regarding 132 "security officers and officials" of the terrorist organizations DNR / LNR during 2017.

There were 35 so-called "high-ranking officials" of the self-proclaimed republics, in particular, "ministers", "deputy ministers", "deputies", "directors of banking institutions", "heads of administrations", “commanders of military and paramilitary units" among the separatists accused of committing crimes against the national security of Ukraine by SBU.

In Donetsk, the SBU investigators sent the state's evidences against the leader of the terrorist group “Sparta” called "Zhoha" to the court. The law enforcers established that the former fishmonger began to manage the criminal group after liquidation of the previous "commander" called Motorola. The pre-trial investigation regarding “the Minister of Emergency Situations”, “the Minister of Income and Fees”, “the Minister of Justice”, “the Minister for Foreign Affairs”, “the Minister and Deputy Minister of Transport”,” the Minister of Sport”, “the Minister of Culture”,” the Heads of the central republic’s Bank "and several other officials of the so-called "DNR" has been completed.

In August the investigators of the SBU Office in Luhansk region sent state's evidences against another separatist  - "Head of Infrastructure and Road Administration of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport" of the so-called LNR to the court. Not long before, the pre-trial investigation was completed and accusations regarding "Acting Minister "and" Deputy Minister" of the fake "Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport" were sent to the courts.

“The officials of the DNR / LNR" are incriminated under Part 1 Article 258-3 and Part 2 Article 258-5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The offenders are notified of suspicion of committing the crimes in absentia, they are also put on the Wanted List. They will be put under the procedure of judgement in default.

The actions aimed at documenting anti-state activity caused by other members of the illegal pseudo-republics are under way.


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