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SBU blocks sale of weapons and ammunitions in Poltava region

SBU officials under procedural supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office blocked a network of weapons and ammunitions sale in Poltava region.

The law-enforcers established that three residents of Poltava region through the intermediary organized arms traffic in the region. The former and acting Police official and also previously convicted for grave crimes comprised the group. The sale of the “trade” took place during personal meetings with clients.

The secret service operatives documented four attempts of weapons sale. The SBU officials detained one of the dealers – a Police official in due course of the last sale of two “TT” guns with 750 rounds.

During conducting of 12 searches in the residences and in the vehicles of the involved persons the law-enforcers seized: the “Nagan”, the “TT”, the “PM” guns, two guns of unidentified model, the Kalashnikov gun, over 1000 of different caliber rounds. Besides, a big amount of fire arms parts, suppressors and 1 kg of cannabis were detected.

Three group members are detained in accordance with the Article 208 of the Criminal procedure code of Ukraine and are notified of suspicion in commitment of crime, stipulated by the p.1 Article 263 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

The urgent investigations for bringing to responsibility of every group member and establishing of the weapons origin are under way.      

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