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SBU has some of the highest rates in fulfillment of the business ombudsman Council recommendations

In accordance with the data of the business ombudsman Council less than 3% of complaints from the whole amount are related to the SBU.

Today the business ombudsman Algirdas Semeta during conducting of the round table informed about signing of the Memorandum of partnership and cooperation between the Service and the Council of the business ombudsman.  

The standing specialized expert group to which joined the SBU and the Council of the business ombudsman representatives for the realization of the Memorandum terms.

The group conducted detailed analysis of validity of taking by the SBU legal reaction measures in relation to the separate business entities.

16 appeals of the business ombudsman are processed and 2 working meetings are conducted.

From 16 cases in which according to complainants the Service is a direct or indirect participant, in 13 cases it is proven that the SBU acted on the basis, in the limits and in a way, stipulated by the Constitution and the legislation of Ukraine.

In 3 cases – the solving of initiated issues in complaints related to the responsibility of other law-enforcement bodies.

The headship of the Council of business ombudsman accepted the abovementioned group working results.

In accordance with conclusions of the third quarter the Service has some of the highest rates in fulfillment of the business ombudsman Council recommendations.

Besides, the parties to the Memorandum determined directions of legislation liberalization in the part of decreasing negative influence on business from the side of the law-enforcement and supervisory bodies by means of usage special economic sanctions. The interaction on preparing the CMU draft decree “On approval of the statute concerning using of special sanctions in the sphere of external economic activities” is organized.


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