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SBU detains organizer of pseudo-protest actions in western regions of Ukraine

The SBU documented regular fact of Russian handlers organizing pseudo-protest actions aimed to forced destabilization of socio political and criminogenic situation in the western regions of Ukraine.

The SBU established that the resident of Lviv region was involved in organizing and conduction of ordered “meetings” in Lviv, Rivne and Kyiv regions. The law enforcers documented that the criminal received from Russian secret services directions and specifically developed instructions related to conduction of the pseudo-protest actions.

The pre-trial investigation found evidences that fake actions were financed by Russian handlers. It was allocated from USD 4,000 to USD 8,000 for conduction of one “action”. The organizer assembled groups of low-income categories of citizens, controlled production and distribution of leaflets with appeals to come to meetings that incited the population to mass disorders.

In particular, Kremlin propagandists in Rivne region developed a scenario of artificial protests for "fighting amber mafia" with an emphasis on allegedly absence of governmental control of sunstone production. In case of ignoring the demands of the "protesters", they, according to the scenario, had to demand full autonomy of the region.

The SBU officers in Rivne region established the location of the criminal and detained him in Lutsk in the apartment rented by him. During authorized search, the law enforcers seized means of communication that were used to coordinate with foreign handlers, and found correspondence with instructions.

The citizen of Ukraine was notified of suspicion under Article 110 (trespass against territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The man was taken under custody by court decision.

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