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SBU congratulates children of regional supported establishments with Saint Nicolas Day

On December 19, in Saint Nicolas Day, when all children edgily wait for presents, the SBU officials visited their supported, which need special care, attention and assistance, - pupils of children’s institutions, supported by the teams of all regional offices for many years.

In Saint Nicolas the Wonderworker Day the SBU Office in Transcarpathian region officials visited Batiovsk repair and the Regional center for social and psychological rehabilitation of children in Svalyava, in order to gladden supported children with presents, surprises, attention and hearty words.

The children yet again were gladdened with presents and sweets. The sincere smiling faces and a good mood of kids, with which they conducted concert program for the attendees, really made the guests day.

The officials of the SBU Office in Kirovohrad region also visited supported children with splendid presents. For many years they have already patronized pupils of special regular school #1 for children with disabilities in Kropyvnytskyi and Novomyrhorodska special residential school for children with visual deficiency.   

This year winter carnivals for a long time will stick in memory of pupils of “Berizka” specialized children’s home in Khmelnytskyi region.

Over 100 children aged from the birth to 6 years old reside in the establishment, supported by the SBU Office officials for nearly 20 years. The supporters are interested in the life of the establishment and help to its pupils: with foodstuffs, necessary clothes, hygiene means, living essentials and for the holidays they present toys and sweets to the kids.

The team of regional office congratulated children with special needs of Lviv residential school #102. They received pleasant gifts from the officials.

The secret service officials also handed gifts to supported children of Lviv children’s home #1, “Ridnyi dim” children’s home of Zolochivsk district council and to pupils of one of the children’s homes, located in the ATO area. The secret service officials believe that in due courses of these holidays namely such kids need special attention and care, felling of home, holiday mood.   

In Saint Nicolas Day the pupils of Zabolotivsk residential school looked forward to their supporters from the SBU Office in Volyn region. The SBU Office officials have supported children with special needs for 25 years. They try to visit the pupils of the foster home as often as possible. The SBU Office officials presented them sweets, toys and home appliances.

The guests from the SBU also didn’t leave without present – the children prepared wonderful holiday concert for them.

The holiday concert took place also in Sumy region in Shtepivka special regular residential school. Every year children of this foster home receive presents from the SBU.

In Poltava region in Saint Nicolas Day the SBU Office in Poltava region officials visited supported children – pupils of specialized residential school of Poltava regional council. Every child received gifts, which the Service officers prepared for them with love.

According to heart-warming tradition in the frameworks of the SBU Office in Dnipropetrovsk region charities congratulated pupils of “Horlytsya” scientific and rehabilitation center and the regional specialized residential school for children with bad eyes.

Due to long-term support of the SBU team the foster homes are assured with all the things needed: from quality repair of buildings and premises, modern equipment, new medical devices for preventive examination and treatment of pupils.

This time the guests also prepared a present for their supporters – a wonderful concert program.

The experienced teachers of all supported establishments know that they always can request sincere advice and assistance from the SBU.              

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