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SBU collects 393 evidences of the RF armed aggression against Ukraine and tortures over Ukrainian hostages

The SBU collected 393 evidences of the Russian troops armed aggression against Ukraine and also physical abuse and tortures over our citizens in the SDDLR (ORDLO) torture chambers. The SBU made new evidences public in the columns of next news-bulletin, dedicated to this topical issue.

This is a 5-th edition, prepared in view of results of polling another 43 Ukrainian nationals, which were hostages of Russian terrorist groups.

Besides numerous evidences of the RF army presence in the territory of Ukraine and facts of tortures over our servicemen by the militants, the results of court decisions concerning criminal actions of terrorists are listed in the bulletin. It should be noticed that many important testimonies were documented by the law-enforcers from Ukrainian servicemen, which were taken captives due to the hell near Ilovaisk.

The news-bulletin discloses its topics in three languages – Ukrainian, English and Russian for convenience and readership accumulation.

“The SBU ready to render any support in investigation of these crimes by the representatives of international institutions, in particular to human rights organizations, handing them collected materials”, - the SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak noticed.


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