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SBU materials land former `Minister of Health of Crimea` in custody (updated)

Kherson City Court imposed custody on the former `Minister of Health` of Crimean occupation `authorities` as a measure of restraint. The measure of restraint was based on the SBU and the Prosecutor`s Office materials.

Earlier SBU officers established that Petro Mykhalchevskyi, the former so-called `Minister of Health of Crimea`, who was involved in the creating of illegal authorities on the temporarily occupied peninsula, was staying in Kyiv.

In the framework of the criminal proceeding initiated under Parts 110, 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, an authorized search was conducted in his temporary residence in Kyiv. The SBU operatives seized the RF citizen passport, a `work ID card` signed by Aksionov and other documents confirming his collaboration with the occupation `authorities`.

The investigation is ongoing.


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