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SBU records activation of the Russian special services aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country (video)

The SBU recorded intensification of the Russian special services aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country and discrediting our state globally. This was stated at a briefing by the SBU Deputy Head Viktor Kononenko. “Only in February, the SBU recorded 12 Russia’s attempts to provocations,” he said.

In early February, the administrative building of the Assosiation of Hungarian Culture of Transcarpathia was burned up in Uzhgorod. In December 2017, the SBU operatives received information that the mentioned centre was chosen by Russian special services as the object of attack aimed at complicating the Ukrainian-Hungarian relations. “The SBU documented an attempt committed by a Russian citizen, David Ponomaryov, to select the executors of this crime in Ukraine,” Viktor Kononenko said.

Ponomaryov is known to the SBU since 2015, when he and several accomplices tried to organize terrorist attacks to intimidate local population in Mykolaiv. In particular, he planned to blow up the “Ukraine” jet cruiser on the Constitution Day of Ukraine.

The SBU officers prevented the plans of Russian special services to use Ponomaryov for organizing sabotage actions in Mykolaiv and Uzhgorod. The failure of the operation to burn up the Association of Hungarian Culture of Transcarpathia forced the Russian special services to use a reserve method of provocation, involving as principal executors the foreign citizens members of a EU-based right-wing radical group. “They have been identified and we will bring them to the criminal responsibility using appropriate international procedures,” said the SBU Deputy Head.   

 The SBU operatives prevented Ponomarev from organizing more audacious provocations in Chernivtsi region. The executors (identified by the SBU) have received the advance payment from Russia for the arson of two Romanian schools in Bukovina region.

At the same time, Russian special services planned to organize a fake event in Uzhgorod aimed at inciting ethnic hatred in Transcarpathia. “We have received information that Russia has ordered a subversive informational action disguised as public hearings on the topic: “Observance of the national and cultural rights of the Hungarians of Transcarpathia in the context of Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine ‘On Education,’” said Victor Kononenko.

During the event, the executors had to appeal for granting Transcarpathia Hungarians the autonomy, because of their alleged suppression by Ukrainian authorities. The clients planned to spread the propaganda shots in the Russian mass media and the Internet. The SBU officers documented that the action (organised by the Head of the charitable fund from Kyiv) was coordinated by the representative of a famous public organization. “At the first stage, he planned to involve to the action the representatives of real Hungarian associations, but he received a refusal,” said the SBU Deputy Head. For the money of Russian clients, the executor decided to hire paid crowd and rented the hall in a hotel complex. The SBU operatives recorded that the organizers placed provocative slogans at the premises and began the staged recording of the “massive” action. “We have established the entire chain of ordering and paying for this fake event,” Viktor Kononenko emphasized.

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