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SBU presents archival documents at the exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Trident approval as the State Emblem of Ukraine

The SBU Sectoral State Archive on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the approval of Trident as the State Emblem of our country presented thematic archival documents in the National Museum of History of Ukraine.

On February 25, 1918, the Mala Rada (the body of the Ukrainian Central Rada) stated that “The sign of the Kyiv State of the time of Volodymyr the Great was accepted as the emblem of the Ukrainian People's Republic.” Since then the Trident has officially been a national symbol of the UNR. After proclaiming of the Act of Unification of the UNR and ZUNR, the Trident became the State Emblem for the western Ukrainian lands.

On this occasion, the exhibition "The Symbol of Your Freedom: 100 Years of the State Emblem of Ukraine" was opened in the National Museum of the History of Ukraine, and the SBU officers joined the organization and conduction of this event.

The exhibition presents unique exhibits from the SBU funds that demonstrate the historic role of Trident in the formation of the cathedral and independent Ukraine. This is, in particular, the symbolism of the Trident as the emblem of the Ukrainian Revolution era - the seals, banknotes, leaflets, documents, honorable distinctions, as well as various attributes of the OUN and UPA, which are kept in the funds of the Sectoral State Archive of the SBU.


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