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SBU exposes banned Russian-produced anti-personnel mine in ATO area

The SBU Military CI officers uncovered two caches with weapons and ammo in Donetsk region in the ATO area.

The SBU operatives seized the anti-personnel mine PMN-2 and the fuse from the underground cache (Bakhmut district) which was in the armaments of Russian military armed forces  and was banned by the international legislative acts.

The SBU officers exposed over 1,000 rounds of 5.45 mm caliber, 19 F-1 and RGD-5 grenades in the second cache located in Volnovaha district.

The SBU operatives seized Kalashnikov gun AKSU-74 and over 100 rounds from the resident of the same district.

During February of this year, in the ATO area the SBU officers seized 5 firearms, over 100 grenades, about 300 large-caliber shots, 88 high-explosive mines, PMN-2 anti-personnel mine, 8 tank shots, over 3,500 rounds of different caliber and TNT blocks.

19 criminal proceedings were initiated under essential elements of crimes stipulated by Part 1 Article 263 and Part 1 Article 413 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.


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