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SBU: Russian secret services wanted to recruit Ukrainian citizen

SBU officers documented yet another attempt of Russian secret services to recruit a Ukrainian resident, this time in Chernihiv region.

SBU operatives established that the resident of one of the border towns of Chernihiv region periodically traveled to Russian territory to visit his relatives. During a regular trip, the Ukrainian was detained by Russian law enforcers for allegedly breaking customs rules. FSB representatives tried to persuade him to cooperate secretly, threatening him with a fine, a ban on entry the country and denial of the opportunity to contact relatives. He was required to collect information about the forces, means of protection of Ukrainian state border and the location of military facilities.

Having returned home, the man immediately contacted the SBU and provided a statement regarding the circumstances of his recruitment and the assigned tasks.

State treason is punishable by imprisonment for a term of up to fifteen years according to Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. However, the citizen of Ukraine did not carry out the criminal task of foreign secret services and voluntarily informed of recruitment attempt, so the court granted the petition of the investigation authorities and relieved him from criminal responsibility.

The SBU calls on Ukrainians to be vigilant and not to travel to Russia without need. Any contact with representatives of foreign secret services must be immediately reported to the SBU.


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