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SBU blocks attempt to popularize the fake fake “Zhytomyr People's Republic”

SBU officers blocked new attempts of the Kremlin puppet-masters to popularize in the Internet the so-called “Zhytomyr People's Republic”.

The SBU operatives determined that the offenders used real personal data of the residents of Zhytomyr region, on whose behalf they registered fake accounts in order to create the necessary “picture”. The accounts were used to remotely administrate the pages and to post the anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

The law enforcers documented that the Russian propagandists used, without permission, personal information and photos of a resident of a district centre in order to create a community of the so-called “Zhytomyr People's Republic”. This resource was also used to distribute the pro-Russian propaganda, support and popularize  the “D/LNR” terrorist organizations. The woman had no idea that she was “involved” in creating the anti-Ukrainian page.

The SBU officers also established that the majority of the accounts that supported anti-Ukrainian posts by “likes" had clear signs of “Internet bots”; only a meagre amount belonged to real users of the social network.

SBU took the necessary measures in the framework of the current legislation to block the Internet community of the fake “ZPR” and shut down its information content.

SBU continues to conduct a set of measures to counter the information aggression of the Russian special services harming our country's interests.


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