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SBU releases new evidence of PMC “Wagner” Russian mercenaries’ involvement into war crimes against Ukraine (video)

The Security Service of Ukraine keeps on public informing about recording results of Russian war crimes in the territory of Ukraine.

In due course of Debaltsevo assault on February 21, 2015 by regular Russia AF units and terrorists the officers of Ukrainian special service taped telephone conversations of the Russian special services’ unit representatives named PMC “Wagner”. The received information is another evidence of Russia military aggression and testifies to severe losses of Russian servicemen in the course of “hybrid warfare” against Ukraine.

It was recorded that at the very height of fights the leader of PMC “Wagner”, Russia national, ex-officer of special task force unit of Russian GU GS AF Dmytro Utkin (service number M-0209) gives a command to his subordinate – Russia national Serhii Kovaliov, (service number M-0274) urgently backload destroyed by the ATO forces near Debaltsevo modern models of Russian war materials – KamAZ-43269 “Dozor” combat reconnaissance patrol vehicles.

This equipment is in the inventory of only Russian AF, therefore the possibility of its seizure by Ukrainian troops creates panic of Utkin-Wagner and concern more than lives of left to their fates wounded and killed Russian PMC mercenaries.

The SBU operatives established that urgent moving of “Dozors” was conducted by the PMC “Wagner” logistics platoon, headed by the Russia national, ex-serviceman of Russia GU GS AF 10-th Separate Brigade of Special Task Force Unit Oleksii Borodii (service number M-1009). In due course of fights near Debaltsevo he was wounded and disposed in the Russia territory. It is significant that on June 19, 2014 Borodii was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment with RUB 200 000 fine by the penal division of North Caucasus district military court under p.4 Article 159 Russian CC (fraud), but instead of service of sentence he was sent by Russian special services to Donbass as PMC “Wagner” mercenary.

It should be recalled that the SBU earlier has already adduced specific surnames of 36 killed mercenaries and particular facts of PMC “Wagner” Russian tanks elimination in Donbass due to well-coordinated activities of the AF of Ukraine and the SBU.

“Utkin-Wagner surely will take the dock of international tribunal together with his curators, if previously wasn’t killed by Russian special services. The SBU holds such information, because Utkin made many marks of Russian crimes in Donbass”, - the SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak stressed in due course of briefing on October 7, 2017.  


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