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SBU Academy cadet wins Junior Taras Shevchenko Competition among Military Universities of Ukraine

A representative of the SBU National Academy, Irina Salii, received the highest reward - a 1st degree diploma- at the VIII International Taras Shevchenko Competition for pupils, students and cadets.

The awarding ceremony of laureates and winners of the speech tournament took place at the Museum of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Viacheslav Kyrylenko, jury members, academicians and cultural workers.

“You have passed a really strict and serious selection process. Now here, on the traditional May Award, there are winners who have received 1st degree diplomas,” Lilia Grinevich, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, congratulated the winners.

The winners awarded with the 1st degree diploma will receive the scholarship of the President of Ukraine.

Over many years of the contest, over seven million pupils and students took part in the competition. The tasks were designed to develop creative potential of young people, philological thinking and philosophical vision of the present through the works of Taras Shevchenko, which are still relevant.

According to the conditions of the competition Iryna Salii, in her creative work,  through the artistic heritage of Kobzar, highlighted her vision of the Ukrainian "today" and "tomorrow" and made it in a poetical form. She won the highest award among youth of military universities.

"The Ukrainian language is prestigious and necessary for the consolidation of all ethnic communities in Ukraine, as well as for strengthening of the integrity of our state in the context of confrontation with the aggressor," noted our winner.

The head of the Division of Ukrainian Business Speech at the SBU National Academy, Larisa Golichenko, who helped Iryna to prepare for the competition, was also awarded with an acknowledgment and a prize.


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