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SBU still informs the public about documented facts of Russian military aggression against Ukraine (video)

Four years ago, on May 29, 2014, a special unit of the Russian special services called Wagner Private Military Company, consisting of 86 people (for year numbers increased to 1,500), secretly invaded the territory of Luhansk region. SBU identified personal data of each terrorist. Most of the mercenaries in 2013 took part in hostilities in Syria as part of the “Slovianskyi Corpus" company, and later were used by Russia for military operations during the annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

One of the crimes committed by these Russians in Ukraine is the downing of IL-76 military transport aircraft, resulting in 49 killed Ukrainian servicemen. It should be recalled that the SBU previously published information about persons directly involved in this terrible crime.

Today, the SBU unveils regular interceptions of Russian terrorists. The dialogue between the former head of the TER-LNR Plotnitsky and the officer of the GRU GS of Russia`s AF - the head of the mercenaries Utkin, describes the role of the Russian military in hostilities in Luhansk region during 2014-2015.

The second conversation is another evidence that Wagner mercenaries were directly subordinated to the officers of Russian special services. In particular, one of the terrorist curators was the officer of the GRU GS of Russia`s AF, Ivannikov Oleg Volodymyrovych, better known as Orion - Russian officer involved in downing MN17flight from Russian Buk-M1.

Conversations clearly demonstrate that Russian mercenaries are "expendables" for the Russian military authority. The SBU established that since June 2014 ATO forces liquidated at least 36 Russian citizens from the Wagner PMC. Their death in Ukraine is a direct evidence of Russia's military aggression against our country.


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