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Kyiv: SBU prevents Russian-inspired provocation against Crimean Tatar people

SBU in cooperation with the Main Department of the National Police in Kyiv prevented committing the extremist provocative action on the order of the Russian side aimed at stirring up ethnic hatred.

According to the plan of the representatives of the foreign subversive centres, their subordinates in Ukraine had to scuttle the presentation of the first Crimean Tatar fairy-tale film “Khidir-dede” which had to be held at the cinema “Zhovten’” on July 1 of this year.  The citizens of Ukraine controlled by the Russian side had to recruit up to 100 people and divide them into three groups of allegedly Ukrainian nationalists in Kyiv.

The first group had to hold a protest action against the leaders of the Crimean Tatar people. The second group had to scatter the leaflets of provocative character among the audience in the hall. The third group was ordered to pour over using the green antiseptic the initiators of creating the film. 

In order to prevent the provocations, the organizers were detained during the preparatory meeting in the public catering establishment in Kyiv. They were seized the prepared green antiseptic, the posters and the leaflets with the provocative content and the instructions from foreign supervisors.

The criminal proceeding was registered on the basis of the crime stipulated by Part 3 Article 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. It was established that the organizers of the action aimed at stirring up the ethnic hatred against the Crimean Tatar people were involved in committing the provocation near the Hungarian Embassy on June 20 of this year. On that day, the same offenders organized the provocation in the form of picketing of the Hungarian Embassy in Ukraine, yelling the anti-Hungarian slogans and destroying the scarecrow of the Hungarian Prime Minister V. Orban.

Despite the fact that the action lasted less than 10 minutes and its organizers arrived from the another city, the SBU officers could not only solve this crime, but also prevented the subsequent illegal manifestation aimed at inciting the national hatred between the Ukrainians and the Crimean Tatar people.

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