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Dnipropetrovsk region: SBU prevents cyberattack of Russian special services on critical infrastructure facility

SBU officers blocked the attempt of the Russian special services to commit the cyberattack on the network equipment of critical infrastructure facility operated by the company “Auly Chlorine Pumping Station”.

The SBU cybersecurity experts  established that the technological control system and the emergency monitoring system were targeted from the territory of the Russia, and penetrated for a few minutes, by VPNFilter computer virus. Non-detection of the cyberattack could have resulted in stalling of the technological processes and possible crash.

The cyberattack of the aggressor country targeted blocking the stable functioning of the pumping station providing liquid chlorine used for purification of water for Ukrainian water-pumping enterprises.

The potential industrial disaster was prevented due to close cooperation with the administration of the company. SBU officers jointly with the staff of the provider and the “Auly Chlorine Pumping Station” localized and neutralized the VPNFilter malware before it infected other components of the information and telecommunication systems of the critical infrastructure facility, preventing possible catastrophic consequences.

In this May, the SBU experts have already documented the cases of Russian intelligence agencies preparing to commit cyber attacks aimed at public and private sector facilities, particularly using the computer virus VPNFilter.

VPNFilter is a multi-level modular malware with cross functional options that provide conducting of cyber reconnaissance and destructive cyber operations.

The SBU guarantees stable and effective defence of the state critical infrastructure and sustainable operation of the Situation Centre of Cybersecurity Protection.

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