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Luhansk region: Former terrorist hostage testifies to SBU about tortures in chambers of so-called “LNR” (video)

SBU officers engaged in the Joint Forces Operation continue documenting the testimonies of the Ukrainian hostages illegally imprisoned by terrorists.

The Luhansk citizen, who was held for about two months in basements of the so-called “LNR Ministry of State Defence” by the militants, applied to the SBU. The law enforcers established that the man was detained in the centre of Luhansk by the members of the illegal armed formations in April, 2018. Abusing the hostage physically and mentally, the terrorists were forcing him to confess about the alleged links with the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

Failing to get the necessary “confessions”, the militants transported the hostage to the line of contact and, threatening life imprisonment, “banned” the entry to the separatist-held territories and Russia until 2023.

The former prisoner of terrorists is now on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities in Luhansk region.

The SBU once again advises Ukrainians citizens to refrain from traveling to the temporarily occupied territories without the urgent need and, in case of staying in the separatist-held territories, to try to avoid the militants’ torture chambers. The terrorists are ready to beat “confession” out of the people at whatever the cost, only to report to the Russian supervisors on neutralisation of some mythical Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance groups.

Only since the beginning of this year, five former hostages of terrorists have given testimonies on physical tortures and moral abuse they’ve experienced in the torture chambers of Russian terrorist formations.


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