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SBU blocks attempts of situation destabilization through criminal circles in Ukraine

Officers of the SBU Main Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime blocked the attempts of the Russian security services to destabilize the situation in Ukraine through the illegal activity of “criminal lords”.

The law enforcers established that representatives of the Russian criminal circles and one of the South Caucasus countries were trying to get to Ukraine to coordinate the activity of criminal groups. “Criminal lords” had to get under control the cash flows from the illegal business, drug trafficking, car theft, robberies and assaults. According to the intelligence’ information the part of the “benefits” was earmarked for financing of the “D/LNR” terrorist organizations.

Foreign supervisors intended to use the illegal activity of “criminal lords” to exacerbate the criminal situation in our country.

In the framework of countering the transnational organized criminal group, since the beginning of the year the SBU officers had forbidden the entry to Ukraine for more than 100 “criminal lords” who “specialise” in kidnapping, extortion, sale of arms and drugs.

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