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Two servicemen caught by SBU on storage and sale of drugs, receive a notice of suspicion

Two servicemen of military conscription service and their accomplice have been caught by the SBU employees on illegal storage and sale of drugs and ammo. The offenders have received a notice of suspicion.

Law enforcers found that two soldiers from one of the military units bought in Kyiv wholesale parties of psychotropic substances from a drug dealer. The “product” received by the offenders was sold to drug addicts.  

Special service operatives detained in the capital of one of the criminals and his accomplice on the sale of 50 grams of amphetamine. The third person was arrested at the service location.

During authorized investigations in the homes and cars of the detainees, law enforcement officers found more than 0.5 kg of drugs and psychotropic substances, a disassembled Makarov pistol, over 100 ammo of various caliber and five fuses for hand-grenade.

Three offenders were served a notice of suspicion in committing the crimes stipulated by Part 1 Article 263 and Part 3 Article 307 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine; a measure of restraint in the form of custody was chosen.

The operation was conducted jointly with the Military Prosecutor's Office and the Police. 


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