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SBU detains military supply facilitator Russia

The employees of the SBU Main Directorate of Counterintelligence Protection of the State’s economic interests jointly with the military Prosecutor's Office detained one of the facilitator of the military components supply to Russia.

At the beginning of 2018 special service operatives, identified a group of dealers who transported to the country-aggressor the items used for the production of weapons and radar protection systems. The officers of the Security Service of Ukraine documented that the criminals passed components with the help of couriers at the request of FSB agents, in particular for missiles, systems for communication, navigation and jet missiles control. In response to the provided information, military products made of Ukrainian items were transferred to illegal armed formation of so-called D/LNR.  

In the course of authorized investigations at the offenders’ residence in several Ukrainian regions, special service operatives found financial and economic documentation, agreements, bank statements, draft records, stamps and electronic correspondence with Russian customers.  SBU officers seized radio components, transistors, microchips, resistors, relays, capacitors, indicators, startometres of total weight amounting over five tones and four Topaz-2000 special complexes.

Special service operatives determined that one of the criminals attempted to recover dual use product illegal deliveries to Russia. One of the crimes is detained and chosen of a preventive measure. The other person is declared in the Ukrainian wanted list.

In the framework of criminal proceeding initiated under Art. 258-3 of Criminal Code of Ukraine urgent investigative and operative actions are under way.

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