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SBU receives audio recording of Pushylin’s preparation of final resolving of ‘Zakharchenko’s problem" (video)

The SBU officers received the audio recording, proved the preparation for the forced removal of Olexander Zakharchenko from the post of the ’DNR leader’ by Denis Pushylin, so-calld chairman of the ‘DNR Narodniy Soviet’.

The conversation between the official Pushylin’s assistant, Olexander Lavrentyev and two unknowns took place on June 12 at 16:50 in the restaurant "Yuvam" (Antalya, Turkey).  The audio record confirms Pushylin’s preparation for a ‘coup d'état’ in the pseudo-republic. While discussing the plans in the ‘neutral territory’ Lavrentyev emphasized the need to replace the current ‘DNR leader’ till September this year without elections. According to him, the appearance of new acting ‘leader of the republic’ will solve ‘Zakharchenko’s problem’ finally.

SBU publishes the most fragments of negotiations from almost four-hour ‘conversations’.


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