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SBU exposes facts of illegal supply of materials to Russia for construction of «Crimean Bridge»

Officers of the SBU Main Directorate of Counter-Intelligence Protection of the State’s economic interests in the sphere of economic security jointly with the main Pre-trial Investigative Department of SBU exposed the facts of illegal supply to Russia of materials used for construction of the so-called “Crimean Bridge”.

The SBU operatives documented that the management of one of the Ukrainian enterprises, which carries out the production of 

road rubble, established its supply to the aggressor country. The dealers extracted the material without necessary permits from the quarries owned by the citizen of Russia, and sold it, in particular, through the intermediaries of Russian company, a subsidiary of the “OJSC “Mostozhelezobetonkonstrukciya”.

SBU officers established that during the purchase of products from Ukrainian suppliers the company worked on the construction of the so-called “Crimean Bridge”. In total, there were 25 shipments of road rubble to Russia, totalling 28,000 tonnes. Due to the cooperation of the Ukrainian commercial structure with the Russian enterprises engaged in economic activity on the temporarily annexed territory of the Crimea, the investigation considers the activity of businessmen as a support of the Russian occupation Administration on the peninsula.

Pre-trial investigation, in the framework of initiated criminal proceeding stipulated by Part 3 Article 110-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine the law enforcers conducted investigative actions in the premises of the quarries’ administration and at the residence of the Company's Director. The SBU officers found and seized treaties, contracts, customs declarations confirming financial and economic transactions with the Russian structures operating in the temporarily annexed Crimea.

In order to establish all persons involved in the illegal mechanism and bring them to criminal responsibility, the investigative actions are under way.

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