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Zaporizzhia: SBU Academy runs a charity event dedicated to the memory of the Heroes

In Zaporozzhia, the staff of the SBU National Academy presented a “Invisible Guard” art exhibition and requiem play “War Without a Date...”, dedicated to the memory of the SBU officer Yurii Zhuravlev and all the Heroes who gave their lives in the East.

Officers and cadets of higher education institution began  All-Ukrainian charity tour, in January 2017. Nowdays it was visited by more than thirteen thousand spectators. Zaporizzhia became the twenty-first Ukrainian city where this event took place.

To honor the memory of the fallen officers of the special service came the regional leadership, the servicemen, the head and officers of the SBU Zaporizzhia regional office, the youth of military educational institutions, hundreds of unindifferent citizens, and family members of Yurii Zhuravlev.

Speaking to the audience, the rector of the Academy Serhii Kudinov emphasized that the Zaporizzhia land in this undeclared war lost more than one hundred and thirty best sons. "The pain of irreparable losses is echoed in every heart, in every Ukrainian home. That is why we must remember, speak the truth and do our best for bringing the peace back to our cities and to the Donbas."

During art exhibition and requiem play, the participants learned about the destinies of the killed invisible guard soldiers. Also in Zaporizzhia a presentation of Yurii Zhuravlev portrait took place. The portrait was given to the Hero’s wife and son. For the first time, the cadets of the Academy told from the stage about Yurii’s life and fighting way. Yurii from the very beginning of the war, began to cooperate with the Security Service, and later became one of the CSO "A" officers. During the last four years of his life, he fought against the separatists and Russian militants in the East of the country. Youth performance added the film about Yurii Zhuravlev from the cycle of video works "We Remember".

The head of the SBU Office in Zaporizzhia region Olexander Khilko expressed his sincere gratitude to the Academy staff for the event. "This is a reversal of consciousness, after which it is difficult to speak. It is difficult to exaggerate the significance of Academy’s team work to honor the memory of the Heroes, - noted the head of the SBU regional office.

All the funds collected at this memorial event were transferred to the needs of the Zaporizzhia Military Hospital.


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