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SBU continues jointly with domestic and foreign experts development of democratic civilian control system

In the SBU National Academy with the support of the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, round table on the topic: “Security Service of Ukraine:Ways of implementation of provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On National Security of Ukraine” was hold.

The event was attended by representatives of the Ukrainian special service, public figures and scientists, leading domestic and foreign experts on the operation of national intelligence and reforming security sector .

Today, the SBU has the task of improving the legal and organizational  fundamentals of activity. “At the same time we have to focus on such key points as: implementation of the best practices of foreign partners and improving the functionality of the Ukrainian special service to effectively react to the present challenges and threats” - Ihor Huskov, the Chief of the SBU Staff emphasized.

Within three discussion panels, members of the round table discussed issues relating to the content, systems and ways of implementing democratic civilian control of the SBU activities, the SBU powers in the context of implementing the provisions of the law "On National Security of Ukraine”, the ratio between the word’s experience and national traditions in the formation of special services personnel and its demilitarisation problem.

The experts exchanged ideas on such discussion issues as practical steps on the introducing of parliamentary and public control of the SBU activity, the fulfillment of tasks in the areas of fighting corruption, organised and economic crimes in the hybrid aggression conditions, establishing an optimal correction of civil and military positions in the SBU structure. In addition, the EU and NATO representatives emphasized that the SBU reforming results are extremely important for further developments of  security sector as a whole.

Analyzing the current state and prospects development of the security sector, foreign partners marked a positive progress and expressed readiness to continue supporting our country in implementing reforms. After all, Europe’s security depends from the coordinated work of national intelligence services, so the international cooperation issue and experience exchange are key directions.

The recommendations will be prepared by the results of the event. The practice of such public SBU reforming discussion is certainly positive and will be continued.


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