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SBU blocks large-scale sale of weapons

The SBU jointly with the Military Prosecutor’s Office and the National Police in the framework of countering illegal arms and explosives trafficking, blocked a large-scale sale of military munitions.

The officers of the SBU Khmelnytsky Regional Office established that the participants of the interregional criminal group, including representatives of voluntary paramilitary formations, organized illegal sale of weapons in different regions of Ukraine. According to the SBU data, the dealers sold military munitions to the representatives of criminal circles.

The SBU operatives documented the realization of two submachine guns, two pistols with ammo rounds, three RDG-5 hand grenades and 100 rounds of different calibre.

The law enforcers detained four organizers of illegal business during their recurrent attempt to sell machine gun with rounds and a handgun in Lviv.

During searches in three regions, the law enforcers seized a large arsenal of weapons, including dozens of machines and pistols of different modifications, explosive, grenades, 100 rounds of different calibre, spare parts and components to firearms.

Within the initiated criminal proceeding under Article 28, Part 1 Article 263 and Part 2 Article 263-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine the issue of serving a notice of suspicion and choosing a measure of restraint to the detainees is being settled.

During the pre-trial investigation the sources of weapons origin, the circle of persons involved in illegal activity and place of other possible participants of criminal group are being established. The SBU is also checking the information about the possible use of the mentioned munitions for destabilisation the situation in the region.

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