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SBU exposes Russia’s secret services recruiting relatives of Ukrainian officers (video)

The SBU military counterintelligence officers exposed numerous cases of recruitment of Ukrainian officers’ close relatives by Russia’s FSB and officials of the "L/DNR” “Ministry” of State Security.

The SBU operatives established that wives of three officers of Armed Forces were recruited while visiting their parents in Russia and in temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Women were subjected to psychological pressure threatened with a travel ban, imprisonment and oppression of their parents. As a result, they provided written consent to confidential cooperation and chose pseudonyms.

The officers of Russia’s secret services and their puppet units attempted to obtain information regarding their husbands’ military ranks, positions, residence places and duties, as well as data on the military units where their husbands serve and their involvement in Joint Forces Operation.

The SBU military counterintelligence officers thwarted the attempts to engage in unlawful actions the Ukrainian citizens who were forced to agree on cooperation with hostile special services. Having returned to the government-controlled territory of Ukraine, women get to cooperate with the investigation and provided evidence regarding the circumstances of their recruitment and the received tasks.

The SBU reminds that crimes under Part 1 Art. 111 (state treason) and Art. 258-3 (creation of a terrorist group or terrorist organization) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine is punishable by imprisonment for up to 15 years.

At the same time, in accordance with the provisions of the Part 2 Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, citizens of Ukraine are released from criminal liability if they did not commit any acts requested by a foreign state, foreign organization or their representatives and voluntarily reported on links with them and the received task. Part 2 Article 258-3 provides for the release of the individual who voluntarily reported to law enforcement bodies about corresponding terrorist activities, contributed to its termination or disclosure of crimes committed in connection with creation or actions of such group or organization.

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