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Lviv: SBU joins international seminar on the prospects of development of the state system of critical infrastructure protection in Ukraine

Experts of the Security Service of Ukraine joined an international seminar “Formation and prospects of development of the state system of critical infrastructure protection in Ukraine” that was held in Lviv.

Protection of critical infrastructure facilities is one of the priority activities of Ukraine’s security and defense sector. Incited from the outside critical events, attacks, sabotage and other “hybrid warfare” actions against public authorities and critical infrastructure projects have shown that present legislative and institutional tools are insufficient for addressing this issue. As a result, a situation have arisen where no state body is engaged in comprehensive monitoring of this issue.

The Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Economic Development have proposed a conceptually new solution to the problem - the introduction of relevant state regulatory mechanism. In particular, the Government adopted an order “On Approval of the Concept for the Establishment of a State System for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure of Ukraine,” which laid down modern approaches to managing security risks, optimized the use of available resources, flexibility and response speed to incidents and crises in the critical support facilities for Ukrainian population.

Creation of an effective state system for the protection of critical infrastructure involves the introduction of a regulatory framework in the area of ​​critical infrastructure protection and the institutional and organizational foundations of relevant state protection system. The draft Law “On Ukraine's Critical Infrastructure and its Protection" has now been practically completed: it will address all important issues regarding the setting up and operation of the mechanism.

On the basis of the assessment of modern security risks, SBU identified a list of critical infrastructure facilities that require improved counter-intelligence support and protection.  

SBU tasks of protection of the vital interests of society and the state have already been implemented in the Law of Ukraine “On National Security”. “These are the tasks that determine the activities of economic counter-intelligence units in the process of their reform - such as counter-intelligence protection of scientific and technical potential, economic security and critical infrastructure facilities,” said Andriy Neglyad, Deputy Chief of the SBU Main Directorate of economic counter-intelligence protection of the state's interests.

Today, the Directorate primarily focuses on counter-intelligence and protection of critical infrastructure, including life support facilities, industrial and transport systems, energy, financial system and other strategically sectors crucial for the functioning of the economy and security of the the state and population, the smooth functioning of the state protection system.

Note: International Scientific and Practical Seminar “Formation and prospects of development of the state system of critical infrastructure protection in Ukraine” is carried out within the framework of the OSCE Project “Support to the Reform of Special Services and Criminal Justice Institutions of Ukraine in Order to Ensure Compliance with Obligations in the field of Human Rights Protection”, which was developed on the request of the Security Service of Ukraine and aimed at supporting the security obligations of our country.


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