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SBU exposes four arms cache in Joint Forces Operation area

The SBU operatives involved in the Joint Forces Operation, in cooperation with the Police and Armed Forces officers, found four arms cache in Donetsk region.

From the cache equipped near the rail track in Yasynuvata district, the law enforcers seized 11 boxes of 30 mm ammo for BMP-2 gun, three rounds for RPG-7 manual anti-tank grenade launcher, a jet propulsion for SPG grenade launcher and a segment of ground map.

In Zalizne city near the high-voltage power plant the law enforcers found another cache with almost 4 kg of TNT blocks, ten F1 grenades with eight fuses, four propulsions for RPG-7 grenade launcher rounds and 160 rounds of 7.62 mm ammo.

Iin yet another cache equipped in an abandoned building in Toretsk, the SBU operatives found 180 rounds of 30 mm ammo, 15 F1 grenades and over 1,000 rounds of different caliber. 

In a local’s residence in Pivdenne town the SBU officers found over 60 rounds of 12.7 mm calibre.

The urgent investigations are under way.

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