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SBU strengthens protection of information and telecommunication systems of local government authorities

To develop an effective cybersecurity system, the SBU signed a Memorandum with Dnipro City Council. This is the first step to provide cybersecurity to local government authorities.

The need to expand cybersecurity-related cooperation with local government is caused by the current threats from the side of Russia’s secret services, which systematically carry out cyberespionage and cyber-terrorism activities.

In the course of the Russia’s “hybrid war” against Ukraine, information and telecommunication systems of State bodies and local government authorities are increasingly becoming the targets for cyberattacks. It is expected that 2019 Presidential Elections and Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine will increase attempts of Russian special services to obtain information processed in automated systems of local government authorities, as well as to gain unauthorized access to their operation.

Implementation of new information technologies by the Dnipro City Council would improve the efficiency of the city communications and public safety, helping to achieve sustainable functioning of such systems. Dnipro authorities also implement a number of projects within the framework of national programs requiring the adaption and improvement of information and telecommunications systems. In particular, the emergency-broadcast system, administrative services system, the register of city inhabitants, CCTV video surveillance system.

In the framework of signed Memorandum on MISP-UA platform usage, SBU experts are sharing technological information about existing and potential cyber-threats in real time. Such interaction will contribute to effective response of the Ukrainian secret service to cyber-attacks, especially the highly complex intrusion attempts.

The SBU Situational Centre for Cybersecurity invites to cooperation other critical infrastructure facilities, state bodies and enterprises, local government bodies and stands ready to provide further protection.

Note: Employees of SBU Situational Centre for Cybersecurity, on the basis of open-code platform MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform), have created a system for real-time collecting and processing information on cyber-security incidents and exchange of technical data of identifiers for critical infrastructure compromises among the security field actors. This platform is widely used throughout the world and is also compliant to international standards of EU and NATO. It is used by the main international cyber-security entities such as FIRST, CIRCL, CiviCERT, NATO NCI Agency.


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