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SBU exposes Russia’s special services ordering series of attacks against Kherson public activists

In the framework of the initiated criminal proceeding, the officers of the Counterintelligence Department and the SBU Pre-trial Investigative Department detained an immediate executor of the assassination attempt of a Kherson public activist. The attempt was organized on orders of Russia’s FSB.

The SBU operatives established that for the destabilization of the social and political situation, special services of the aggressor country planned to commit a number of terrorist acts directed against the well-known civil activists on the territory of Ukraine.

For this purpose, they recruited a citizen of Ukraine, who agreed to commit crimes for a fee. In May 2018, the law enforcers managed to prevent the murder of one of the leaders of the regional branch of the Kherson political organization. To confirm the Russian origin of the order, within the investigator's experiment, further actions of the executor were controlled by the Ukrainian law enforcers.

The operatives of the Ukrainian special service established that soon after, the criminal received his following task from Kremlin. According to the SBU information, a leader of Kherson public organization became a new target of the killer.

As a result of a special operation, the law enforcers detained the criminal in Kyiv during the preparation for the crime.

The criminal was served a notice of suspicion in committing the crimes stipulated by Part 2 Article 15, Part 2 Article 258, Part 1 Article 14, Part 2 Article 258 and Part 1 Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, a measure of restraint in the form of two months in custody was chosen.

The detection operation was conducted by the SBU officers jointly with the National Police Department and the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office.

Investigative actions are under way.

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