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Dnipro region: first SBU Regional Centre for Cybersecurity

Oleh Frolov, the SBU Deputy Head, presented in Dnipro the first Regional Centre for cybersecurity (will be responsible for responding to cyberincidents and cyberattacks that target state electronic information resources and critical infrastructure facilities of the Dnipro region).

The establishment of the Regional Centre is the next step in the development of the national system of the Ukrainian cybersecurity within the second phase of the Agreement “On realization of the NATO-Ukraine Trust Fund on cyber security issues”. “Within the ‘hybrid war’ against Ukraine, the Russian special services use our state as a ground for testing their cyber weapons and its effectiveness against modern methods of cyber defence,” said Oleh Frolov.

The SBU Situational Centre for Cybersecurity in Ukraine notes rising number and complexity of cyber attacks; this requires appropriate response and research. The Russian special services more often use cyberattacks as components of destructive information and psychological influence for the infiltration of protest moods and aggravation of the socio-political situation in Ukraine. The Dnipro region is one of the most industrialized regions of Ukraine, it hosts a considerable number of critical infrastructure facilities with information-telecommunication systems and automated systems of technological control process.

The first Regional Centre for cybersecurity was created in Dnipro because of the awareness about cybersecurity threats to Ukraine from the side of foreign special services who try to violate the sustainable functioning of the strategic and key enterprises of metallurgical, mining, chemical, machine-building, financial and transport industries, as well as important life support facilities and energy sector companies in the Dnipro region. In order to respond to cyber attacks, the Regional Centre, created on the basis of the SBU Department in Dnipro region, will use the MISP-UA platform: this will provide for the exchange of technological information about the thwarted and potential cyber threats in real time.

The Situation Centre of the SBU cyber security also transferred the most modern equipment to the Regional Department. In the future such centers are also planned for other regions of Ukraine. “All of them jointly with the SBU Situational Centre for Cybersecurity are ready to cooperate with both state and private institutions and enterprises,” noted the SBU Deputy Head.

The state and local authorities of the region are also implementing a number of projects within the framework of national programs requiring the adaption and improvement of information and telecommunications systems.

We would remind that in mid-November, the SBU signed a Memorandum with the Dnipro City Council. This is the first step to provide cybersecurity to local government authorities.

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