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SBU gets new undeniable evidence of Russian aggressive armed attack Ukrainian Navy (video)

Security Service of Ukraine received uncontested proof of Russian armed offensive on Ukrainian Navy, on 25.11.2018 in Kerch Strait. This was announced by Oleg Frolov, the Deputy Head of the Service at the briefing.

SBU officers used technical means to get the crew negotiations of the Russian SU-30 aircraft and the KA-52 helicopter and relevant command points. "These talks leave no doubt that the Russian military command deliberately ordered the use of weapons against Ukrainian ships," Oleg Frolov emphasized.

Ukrainian ships became a target for Russian soldiers tested their skills in the use of different types of weapons. “The Ukrainian soldiers miraculously survived, after suffering six varied types of attacks by the aggressor,” the Deputy Head of the SBU stressed.

The Russian SU-30 fighter fired two missiles against Ukrainian ships. Two rockets were launched by the K-52 helicopter, too. The Russians also used large-scale Navy weapons. “The fire targeted exactly the cockpit where Ukrainian sailors were located," said Oleg Frolov. The Russian ship of FSB Border Administration rammed the Ukrainian small tugboat “Yany Kapu”. Subsequently, Ukrainian ships were assaulted by a Russian special forces who used physical violence against our sailors.

The sixth type of violence is still on - physical, moral and psychological pressure and illegal arrest of 24 of our servicemen. There is also denial of access to, and hiding information about, the health of the three Ukrainian prisoners of war wounded as a result of the armed Russian attack.

within the framework of a pre-trial investigation, SBU investigators continue to document crimes of Russian special services and military forces against Ukrainian sailors. Criminal proceedings have been filed by prosecutors of the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Southern Region of Ukraine on grounds of criminal offenses, stipulated in Part 2 of Art. 437 (planning, preparing, starting and conducting an aggressive war), Part 2 of Art. 15 (attempt to commit a crime), Сlause 1 Part 2 of Art. 115 (deliberate murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.


Suspicion has already been announced to eight representatives of the FSB Border Service and the Russian Armed Forces, who gave and executed criminal orders for the attack on Ukrainian sailors. These include the Rear Admiral and the Vice Admiral of the FSB Border Guard Administration.

SBU is taking exhaustive measures to identify all FSB border guards, Russian naval and airborne servicemen, involved in the attack on Ukrainian sailors. We are currently checking the relevant information received by our officers from a variety of sources.

"Their actions will receive appropriate legal qualifications within the pre-trial investigation," assured the SBU Deputy Head.


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