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SBU prevents antiques smuggling to Russia

The SBU officers in Kherson prevented smuggling of a collection of cultural values to the aggressor country.

The SBU operatives established that a resident of the regional center bought from local collectors antiques for resale abroad. According to the SBU, the man searched clients among his acquaintances and on specialized Internet auctions.

Law enforcers detained the smuggler at a post office on sending to Russia the antiquities collection, for which the criminal planned to receive USD 1,000.

According to experts, the antique items that were seized belong to the period of the VII century B.C. - XV century AD, they have a great historical value and are not subject to exportation abroad without an appropriate state permit.

In the framework of the criminal proceeding initiated under Part 2 Article 15 and Part 1 Article 201 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine the criminal was notified of suspicion.

In order to identify other circumstances of the case the investigative actions are ongoing.


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