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Wagner PMC is secret detachment of Russia’s General Staff of Armed Forces – confirmed by mercenaries’ ID papers, says SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak. Now we’ll only have to wait for information from Russian officials as to which particular “Cathedral” in Sudan or

Russia continues its cynical lies trying to justify the crimes committed all around the world. The Kremlin does not stop to “yawl” that armed units of Russia’s General Staff of Armed Forces have nothing to do with protecting dictator regimes in Sudan, Syria, and aren’t involved in CAR murder of journalists who were trying to shed the light onto “clandestine” PMC’s activity.

On 25 January, the SBU published materials showing that Russian mercs and arms are delivered to Sudan and other countries of the region directly by aviation of Russia’s Ministry of Defence, by the orders of “M Invest” LLC, a commercial entity of the “Putin’s cook” E. Pryhozhyn.

The very same “M-Invest” LLC that was used to order the tickets for “passengers” of the flights of the 223rd Air Squadron of the Russia’s Defence Ministry - the staff of Wagner PMC, the unofficial unit of Russia’s General Staff of Armed Forces. From August to December 2018, Tu-154M aircraft (tail number RA-85041, RA-85155) transported on rotation basis to Sudan, CAR and other African countries the “ikhtamnet” [they’re not here] passengers, whose tickets, personal and passport data are available at the SBU.

SBU is publishing some of the available information, in particular, the list of 149 persons who directly participated in suppression of democratic protests in Sudan at the beginning of 2019.

Parsing of passport data of more than 1,000 Wagner PMC employees confirms that the vast majority of Russian mercenaries’ documents were issued centrally, in Moscow, by the Federal Migration Service of Russia - the very same body that issued the cover documents for “Petrov” and “Boshirov”, officers of Russia’s General Staff of Armed Forces who executed chemical attacks in Salisbury, UK. A few hundreds Wagner PMC mercs’ passports numbers differ only by few last digits.



 “Type and number of foreign travel passports of Wagner PMC mercenaries, the place of issuance, prove once again that is the unofficial slaughter unit of Russia’s General Staff of Armed Forces. Now we’ll only have to wait for information from Russian officials as to which particular “Cathedral” in Sudan or the CAR they were sighseeing,” said Vasyl Hrytsak, the head of the SBU.

The SBU also found that the Russian military intelligence send to the African rotation shifts of the Wagner PMC the citizens of other countries - Belarus, Moldova, as well as self-proclaimed republics supported by Russia.


There is also information indicating that for the Sudanese “business trip” of the Wagner PMC, its commanders were purposefully selecting traitors from Ukraine from among the residents of the temporarily occupied Crimea, who, in reward for their assistance to the Russian aggressor, received citizenship of the Russian Federation.


It was also found that one of the directions used by Russian special services for recruitment into the Wagner PMC is the enlistment of close relatives of Russian mercenaries. In total, the SBU documented over 112 people, for whom “bloody business” has became a family affair.


Notably, more than 90% of the African contingent of mercenaries in 2014-2015 participated in the military aggression against Ukraine, in particular, in assaults on Luhansk Airport and the city of Debaltsevo, and were subsequently directed to the CAR.






The SBU also found that, since the end of 2018, the organisation has intensified the work on creation of a “logistics hub for Russian Navy” in the Sudan, with the participation of former Ukrainian Navy officers who in the spring of 2014 betrayed the Ukrainian people, having switched to the side of Russian invaders, and are currently doing military service in Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.


“The SBU will continue to document the criminal activity of every Russian terrorist and traitor of Ukraine, regardless of where they are. The just punishment for the crimes committed against the Ukrainian people is simply a matter of time,” said Vasyl Hrytsak, the head of the SBU.

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