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SBU chairs the GUAM task team meting on cyber security

SBU Department of counter-intelligence protection of state information security organised and chaired the meting, which was held in Kyiv, of the cyber security task team of GUAM Panel for Democracy and Economic Development.

Representatives of special and law-enforcement agencies from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova participated in the event.  

During the meting parties agreed the draft memorandum on cooperation of GUAM member-states in the field of cyber security developed on the initiative of the Ukrainian security service. Also, supplementary measures to ensure regional cyber security were discussed. 

Representatives of the member-states shared the information on cyber security, relevant threats and emphasized the necessity of enhancing collaboration.

The participants of the event thanked SBU officers for the work within the GUAM Panel and proposed that Ukraine retains the coordination in the field for 2019-2020.

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