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SBU blocks large-scale financing of LNR terrorist organization

Within the framework of Joint Forces Operation, the officers of the SBU Main Directorate in Donetsk and Luhansk regions in cooperation with the SBU Main Directorate of Counter-Intelligence Protection of the State’s economic interests revealed and ceased the large-scale financing scheme of  LNR terrorist organization.

The SBU operatives established that in the occupied territory there is a potent financial institution, which ensures the unlawful transfer of clients' funds to the government-controlled territory of Ukraine and back. The financial centre had 20 offices and an extensive network of payment terminals over the temporarily occupied territory. The criminals carried out transactions using the Internet banking and transported cash through the contact line by couriers.

The SBU officers documented that the offenders opened nearly 50 accounts for affiliated persons in the banks on the government-controlled territory of Ukraine. The criminals accessed the accounts through Internet services.

According to the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine, the total amount of funds transferred through the national payment system by the illegal financial institution exceeded UAH 170,000,000 (USD 6,270,000). The offenders regularly paid taxes to the so-called “LNR budget" from money received for the provision of "services".  

During the searches conducted in Kyiv and Severodonetsk, the law enforcers seized bank cards, used by the criminals' partners to withdraw cash from the ATM for it further delivery to clients or couriers. Currently the accounts of individuals used for illegal financial transactions are blocked.

The head of financial institution was served a notice of suspicion (in absentia) in committing the crime stipulated by Part 3 Article 110-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (financing actions aimed at forceful change or overthrow of the constitutional order or take-over of government, change the territorial boundaries or national borders of Ukraine). 

The investigative actions to identify all persons involved in illegal activity are ongoing.


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